Tuesday, May 15, 2012

fundamentally decentralizing "fundamental, deep rethinking of our education programs "fundamentally destroying jobs "fundamental difference about strategy "fundamental difference between the modern world "fundamental difference between trying to solve the problems of this country from the top down "fundamental difference in how you think about doing this "fundamental difference with me "fundamental differences here "fundamental differences in America's future "fundamental differences in Gallup data "fundamental differences with Fidel Castro "fundamental different analysis of how reality works "fundamentally different America "fundamentally different and they mature and change "fundamentally different approach than just this fighting over insurance "fundamentally different approach to being positive "fundamentally different attitude "fundamentally different campaign than my staff did "fundamentally different environmental solutions agency "fundamentally different from anything you've seen "fundamentally different from the historic America "fundamentally different he was from the news media's portrait of him "fundamentally different in cooperating with business "fundamentally different model than Albany and Sacramento

"fundamentally different than Washington thinks about "fundamentally different that it is literally irreconcilable with modernity "fundamentally different theories of how the economy works "fundamentally different today "fundamentally different view of how politics works "fundamentally different view, Greta "fundamental disagreement "fundamentally dishonest "fundamentally dishonest and fundamentally dangerous "fundamentally dishonest and impossible to implement "fundamentally dishonest bills "fundamentally dishonest he is "fundamentally dishonest his position is "fundamentally dishonest pattern "fundamentally dishonest the liberal media was "fundamentally dishonest way “fundamental dishonesty "fundamental dishonesty of that machine "fundamental dishonesty of the system "fundamentally disrupt it "fundamentally disrupting and replacing the left in Washington, D.C. "fundamental disservice to the American people "fundamental disservice to the country "fundamental disservice to the United States "fundamental division between most Americans "fundamentally edifying experience so far

"fundamentally not true  "fundamental of all Islamic laws "fundamentally off-base in very profound ways "fundamentally opposed to Bush's policies "fundamentally opposite of everything "fundamentally opposite of the current FDA "fundamentally out of touch with America "fundamentally out of touch with how the world works "fundamentally out of touch with the reality of the real world "fundamentally out of whack about our whole process "fundamentally outdated and should be put to rest "fundamental overhaul "fundamentally overhaul "fundamentally overall our learning system "fundamental overhaul of the tax system "fundamentally overhaul our learning system "fundamentally overhaul the national security system "fundamentally overhauling and changing the Federal Communications Commission "fundamentally overhauling the Corps of Engineers "fundamental part of the American constitutional system "fundamental personnel reform "fundamental philosophical basis for America "fundamental philosophy "fundamental policy change "fundamental problem "fundamental problems they have competing today "fundamental problems we have in our economy "fundamental, profound change  "fundamentally profoundly, ignorantly anti-American the current model is "fundamentally, profoundly change Washington "fundamentally, profoundly wrong "fundamental question about can we do it better "fundamental question of identity "fundamental question of the nature of America "fundamentally question the current social contract with Native Americans "fundamental questions

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