Monday, December 23, 2013


                            between boredom and shock we oscillate
                            gods and I
                            lodged inside the phrase "end to end"
                            with attraction and resistance
                            suppositions and same pages
                            glowing green exit sign busy at its frigid vigil
                            posits through another sort of pointlessly
                            gorgeous coastal afternoon, music by james ferraro
                            blinkered and ratchety from a lifetime of norcal cannabis
                            and the lame doom of state school student debt

                            excesses of ellipses distinguish 
                            you whose drones opened wide 
                            a mouth to whisper this
                            boxing phonemes from hot cogitations
                            licked insanely by daylight
                            through senile and skin-tight distances
                            the finest life is turned into insipid fiction pretty quickly
                            cloudless blue upper place wherein sun disappears everywhere
                            the universe is fine it has its place is all I'm saying
                            a piece of coffee linking me to sleep

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